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Room to Grow

We feel that anyone who tells you that they can set up a
treatment or education plan without first conducting a thorough
functional analysis or baseline is selling something, and it's not
a quality service.

To that end, Room to Grow provides on-going evaluations and
intervention consultation.  Our clients include private families,
public agencies, and school districts.  Standardized
psychological tests and reports are prepared by licensed
psychologists and BCBAs, when appropriate.  Functional
analyses and educational baselines are undertaken.  From
there, educational programs and behavior treatment plans are

Once this evaluation and planning process is over, Room to
Grow provides staff training and on-going supervision to ensure
progress.  We follow the basic behavioral tenet that “the
student is always right.”  If the data show that the student is
not making progress, it is the teaching or behavior
management program that must be altered.  The student is
never blamed for lack of progress.

Room to Grow staff also provide outpatient psychotherapy and
behavior therapy for certain clinical populations, primarily
anxiety disorders such as phobias and obsessive-compulsive
behavior, as well as sex education and therapy, for typically
developing adults and teens, as well as those with
developmental disabilities.

  •        Psychological Assessments
  •        Functional analyses and educational baselines
  •        Program implementation
  •        On-going staff training and supervision
  •        Outpatient psychotherapy and behavior therapy
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