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Room to Grow
Psychological Evaluations and Diagnostics
At Room to Grow, our psychological assessments
generally consist of the following:

A.  An appropriate diagnostic assessment (e.g., The Child
Autism Rating Scales 2 or Autism Diagnostic Interview,
B.  A measure of adaptive behavioral functioning (e.g.,
The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales 2)
C.  A measure of general cognitive functioning (e.g., The
Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test 2).

Our goal is to provide an assessment that allows us to
understand the individual’s functioning across all important
life areas.  

We strive to do this with a deeper understanding of the
individual and the tools used.  We do not use
inappropriate tools or use tools inappropriately (for
example, using an intelligence scale meant for infants with
a much older individual, just to come up with a number).  

We also do not use tools that take hours to administer,
which only really provide a measure of the degree to
which the individual has fatigued of interaction.  The
cognitive assessments we generally use have been shown
by clinical research to correlate very strongly with much
more time-intensive and laborious measures, but without
the downsides of excessive language, fatigue, and detail
that is not relevant.

The key to our evaluations is actually observing the
individual, and interviewing those most familiar with him
or her.  You may be asked to create sample videos of key
activities prior to the observation, so that we do not have
to rely only on observations of what the individual is doing
at the moment of the evaluation.

A full write up of the evaluation is provided, and all
measures explained and discussed.
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