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Room to Grow
". . . this book is a must for consumers and
providers of applied behavior analysis."

-- Richard W. Malott, PhD, BCBA, Western Michigan

"I have used Behaviorspeak as a reference. . .  This
glossary is an empowering resource."

-- Jennica Velasquez, Parent
"First-rate reading for those interested in best

--Pamela G. Osnes, PhD, BCBA

"These authors thoughtfully highlight some of the
common challenges and provide clear,
well-formulated answers."

--David Celiberti, PhD, BCBA
"Drs. Newman and Reinecke and team were
extraordinarily clever in creating an instructional
format that will immediately engage, entertain, and
educate. Through a series of well-designed and,
best of all, real cases, readers are offered the
opportunity to investigate and solve behavioral
mysteries with intelligence, humor, and

--Shahla Alai-Rosales, PhD, BCBA, University of
North Texas

"By presenting case scenarios and requiring one to,
in effect, follow the data to determine went wrong,
the authors place the reader in the middle of a
case conference with knowledgeable and
experienced mentors who are simultaneously
creative and conservative.  A very worthwhile

--Peter F. Gerhardt, EdD, President & Chair,
Scientific Council Organization for Autism Research
"Bobby Newman has again produced a readable,
informative book that gets to the heart of the matter
about our field, applied behavior analysis is all about
increasing the autonomy of the individual."  

--Jon S. Bailey, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Florida State

"In The Inherent Worth and Dignity of ALL Individuals, Dr.
Bobby Newman makes specific, concrete
recommendations how Unitarian Universalist
Congregations can approach the task of making
adaptations to encourage full participation of people,
especially those with mental disorders, in congregational
life. He does not avoid the grey areas of disruptive
behavior, phobias, and stress-based reactions, or easy
one-size-fits-all solutions, instead giving readers
examples which offer compassionate understanding of
how to approach a solution."

--Rev. Barbara F. Meyers, Mental Health Minister, Mission
Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation Fremont, CA  
Author of The Caring Congregation Handbook And
Training Manual - Resources for Welcoming and
Supporting Those with Mental Disorders and their
Families Into Our Congregations
"An excellent book from the prolific Bobby Newman. This
is Bobby's third book on the application of behavior
analysis to helping children with autism. All three books,
are excellent reads--warm, humanistic, humorous,
informal, and anecdotal (case-studyish), easy, fun, but
not condescending, written for parents, trainers, tutors,
and teachers of autistic children. Not only are these
books easy reads, but they are also valuable reads;
each book makes serious points, and the books are not
redundant with each other, nor are they redundant with
any other autism books. I recommend them to my
undergrad and grad students working with autistic
children.  Once I started reading this book, I could not
put it down until I'd finished it--rare for me."

--Richard Malott, PhD, BCBA, Western Michigan University
"I love this book.  It gives us an intelligent new
perspective on both behaviorism and humanism.  Newman
succeeds in making his point that an alliance is possible
and desirable among the philosophies of humanism,
Skinner's behaviorism, and applied behavior analysis . . . .
Perhaps most importantly, Newman shows the humanity
of applied behavior analysts . . . . He corrects many
misconceptions of the applied science of behavior and
Skinner's behaviorism."

--John O. Cooper, PhD, Ohio State University