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Room to Grow
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Different Roads to Learning
". . . this book is a must for consumers and providers of applied behavior analysis."

-- Richard W. Malott, PhD, BCBA, Western Michigan University

"I have used Behaviorspeak as a reference. . .  This glossary is an empowering

-- Jennica Velasquez, Parent
"First-rate reading for those interested in best practice."

--Pamela G. Osnes, PhD, BCBA

"These authors thoughtfully highlight some of the common challenges and provide
clear, well-formulated answers."

--David Celiberti, PhD, BCBA
"Drs. Newman and Reinecke and team were extraordinarily clever in creating an
instructional format that will immediately engage, entertain, and educate. Through a
series of well-designed and, best of all, real cases, readers are offered the
opportunity to investigate and solve behavioral mysteries with intelligence, humor,
and compassion."

--Shahla Alai-Rosales, PhD, BCBA, University of North Texas

"By presenting case scenarios and requiring one to, in effect, follow the data to
determine went wrong, the authors place the reader in the middle of a case
conference with knowledgeable and experienced mentors who are simultaneously
creative and conservative.  A very worthwhile experience."

--Peter F. Gerhardt, EdD, President & Chair, Scientific Council Organization for Autism
"An excellent book from the prolific Bobby Newman. This is Bobby's third book on the
application of behavior analysis to helping children with autism. All three books, are
excellent reads--warm, humanistic, humorous, informal, and anecdotal
(case-studyish), easy, fun, but not condescending, written for parents, trainers,
tutors, and teachers of autistic children. Not only are these books easy reads, but
they are also valuable reads; each book makes serious points, and the books are
not redundant with each other, nor are they redundant with any other autism
books. I recommend them to my undergrad and grad students working with autistic
children.  Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down until I'd finished
it--rare for me."

--Richard Malott, PhD, BCBA, Western Michigan University
"I love this book.  It gives us an intelligent new perspective on both behaviorism and
humanism.  Newman succeeds in making his point that an alliance is possible and
desirable among the philosophies of humanism, Skinner's behaviorism, and applied
behavior analysis . . . . Perhaps most importantly, Newman shows the humanity of
applied behavior analysts . . . . He corrects many misconceptions of the applied
science of behavior and Skinner's behaviorism."

--John O. Cooper, PhD, Ohio State University
Move with a Purpose: Addressing Common Behavior Issues on the Autism Spectrum
Before they Grow out of Control by Bobby Newman, Dana R. Reinecke and a number
of family members and Board Certified Behavior Analysts offers the reader a look at
some of the ways in which problem behaviors can effectively be addressed,
especially when one intervenes early in the child s life. The book presents a broad
array of difficult to manage behaviors, and describes creative interventions for
addressing these problems. Newman and Reinecke remind the reader that without a
functional analysis of a problem behavior, it is very risky to take a procedure that
was effective with one person and use it with another. That caution is very wise, as
the wrong intervention may serve to strengthen an inappropriate behavior.
However, the take away message from the book is that there are a great many
behavioral interventions that can be of benefit to children and parents alike and that
the parent-professional collaboration can yield powerful results for the whole family.

--Sandra L. Harris, PhD. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
This unique book wipes away the conundrums and the confusion about
sportsmanship, competition and winning at all costs. It explains so much in so few
pages. This, easy-to-read, story-telling-style, book demonstrates key principles and
reveals expert opinions in an entertaining way so that after the two hour read you
come out feeling enlightened and clearheaded. For anyone who participates,
coaches, officiates, commentates or just watches, sport, in fact, anyone who likes
sport, this inspirational book is a must-read.

-- P.R. Smith, author of
Great Moments Of Sportsmanship & founder of The Great
Sportsmanship Programme

Anyone who has played or parented his or her way through Little League baseball,
junior high track, or high school wrestling will recognize instantly the value of this
little book. With his signature use of wry humor and on-point anecdotes, Bobby
gives us a dose of what is greatly needed in our culture today: a lesson regarding
the value of honor and sportsmanship in athletic competition. Bobby celebrates
gritty, pushed-to-your-limits competition- the nobility of the no-holds-barred quest
for victory; but, he also makes the case that to pursue victory with honor intact
elevates the human spirit in a way that a win alone could never accomplish. Though
this is a book very much centered upon sports and directed at the athlete, it is more
broadly about what may ultimately save us as a culture: civility in our relations,
especially when competition and passion are at their peak.

--Daniel W. Mruzek, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Rochester
This is a fantastic, practical resource for anyone who works or lives with someone
who engages in any challenging behavior. Newman simply and concisely, but in a
non-condescending manner, explains all that's needed about behavior to help the
reader be more effective and therapeutic in their role.

I read this manual without participating in Newman's in-person training. Although he
states it is not intended as a stand-alone text and is to accompany the in-person
training, it holds tremendous value on its own.

--Sorah Stein, BCBA